2024-03-27 By Surbhi Chauhan News

"WhatsApp soon to Introduce International Payments via UPI for Indian Users"

WhatsApp is reportedly gearing up to introduce a ground-breaking feature facilitating international payments through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for users in India. This development was disclosed by an insider known as AssembleDebug on X (previously Twitter).

The expected feature, categorised 'International Payments', is assured to empower Indian bank account holders to seamlessly transfer funds to designated global vendors and execute transactions. However, its functionality will be possible upon the availability of international UPI services in respective countries' banking systems. Based on the shared screenshot on X (formerly known as Twitter), it appears that users will have to manually activate the international payment feature and specify the duration of its activation. According to insider information, WhatsApp users might have the flexibility to extend this duration up to three months, contrasting with Google Pay's existing seven-day transaction window. Notably, other prominent UPI players in India such as Google Pay and PhonePe have already integrated similar functionalities. Nevertheless, it's crucial to note that neither WhatsApp nor other beta testers of the application have officially confirmed this feature, hence readers are encouraged to exercise caution when considering this information.

The combination of this feature by WhatsApp is poised to revolutionize international transactions for its vast user base. Following the initial rollout of in-app UPI payments for Indian users in November 2020, WhatsApp is now diligently working on developing the international payment feature, which is expected to be accessible to a limited unit of beta users in the near future. Further announcements regarding its widespread availability are anticipated as the anticipated release date approaches.

In parallel with its footsteps in international payments, WhatsApp is also stepping up its efforts to support its position in the digital payments landscape in India. Another noteworthy feature currently being tested involves optimizing the payment process by introducing a shortcut to the QR code scanner. According to insights from WABetaInfo, this enhancement entails relocating the QR code scanner to a more accessible position, potentially enhancing user convenience during transactions.