2024-05-01 By Surbhi Chauhan UPI Payments

Cred Introduces Ground-breaking Offline QR Code 'Scan & Pay' Service, Transforming Payment Experience

A bold strategic move, Cred has introduced its new UPI-based ‘Scan and Pay’ service, driving the brand into the offline payments arena and posing a challenge to established players like PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm. This innovative service allows users to perform transactions directly from their bank accounts by scanning any QR code, thereby extending unparalleled convenience to a wide array of retail establishments, including supermarkets, fast-food outlets, beauty salons, and fashion chain.

Cred launched a range of versatile payment terminals catered to the diverse needs of merchants. These terminals include portable "pocket" devices, high-traffic "kiosks," and dynamic QR code display units. By leveraging these cutting-edge devices, merchants can offer personalized rewards customized to specific user demographics and transaction behaviors. This not only develops customer loyalty but also drives engagement, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience. Furthermore, the alliance of UPI ensures seamless transactions across multiple applications, further augmenting accessibility and convenience for both merchants and customers alike.

In its search for widespread adoption, Cred prioritizes user benefits by offering rewards for every transaction conducted through its platform. By leveraging its existing user base and robust rewards program, Cred aims to expedite the adoption of its offline payments service and establish itself as a alarming contender in the fiercely competitive market landscape.